Jesus said "I tall you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will Build my Church."... ေယရွု က "ငါ အမွန္ဆိုသည္ကား၊ သင္သည္ ေပတရု ျဖစ္၏။ ဤေက်ာက္ေပၚမွာ ငါ ၏ အသင္းေတာ္ ကို ငါ တည္ေဆာက္မည္။" (MATTEW 16:18)

15 St Isidore, 560-636 (Doctor of Education)

Saint Isidore of Seville

Bishop, Confessor, and Doctor of the Church

- Born -- c. 560, Cartagena, Spain
- Died -- 4 April 636, Seville, Spain
- Venerated in -- Roman Catholic ChurchEastern Orthodox Churches

- Canonized -- 1598, Rome by Pope Clement VIII
- Feast -- 4 April
- Attributes -- bees; Bishop holding a pen while surrounded by a swarm of bees; bishop standing near a beehive; old bishop with a prince at his feet; pen; priest or bishop with pen and book; with Saint Leander, Saint Fulgentius, and Saint Florentina; with his Etymologia
- Patronage -- the internet(proposed)[1] students